Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Belated Christmas Decor

How was everyone's Christmas? I became violently ill and my poor mother had to cancel the celebrations at our house. I know right, who cancels Christmas? I was THAT sick. No fear, we are making up for it this Thursday by getting together and exchanging gifts. I still feel awful about it though, I kept saying how I ruined Christmas all day!

Anyways, I know Christmas is over, but I figured I would share today's post with you on how to take ordinary thrift shop finds and turning them into festive decor for the holidays! I actually purchased these two ceramic owls at a thrift store for $4 to use as everyday decor, but I so happen to love them as Christmas decorations! I also may have a slight obsession with ceramic or brass animals...I don't know why but they're irresistible to me.

Here are the owls in the state that I purchased them during the summer:

I simply gave them a light cleaning, and sprayed them with Rustoleum semi-gloss white spray paint, making sure to give them light, even coats. After letting them dry, I gave them a quick coat lacquer clear coat to give it a ceramic appearance. Here's the after:
crappy cell phone picture, need to get on that!

And here are the both of them set up at their home for the holidays!

As soon as the Holidays are over, they will be residing on Adam's bookshelf, but for now I like where they are.

Do you have a thing for ceramic animals? Have you ever spray painted a thrift store find?

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