Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Black Interior Doors

I know this is a topic that had been blogged about a lot recently but I wanted to share some images I've found that have inspired me to perhaps make the leap! At Adam's house, we really really need to paint the interior doors. They are white, but dingy from the previous owners. At first I was thinking about just painting them white again until Adam made a suggestion that we paint them something else! I thought it was a great idea and immediate thought black. It's just so classic:

via mfamb
via lavenderandlilies

via decorpad

via swooninteriors

Black will go great in his place but then I thought, it doesn't have to be black either. Take a look at these colorful interior doors:

via shelterpop

via inyourbackpocket

via inyourbackpocket

via realsimple

via paringdown
via inyourbackpocket

So, although I'm not about to go neon, I'm thinking it's a race between a glossy black and maybe a light gray or smokey gray. Maybe I could even go navy blue? I don't know, I think I have some thinking to do!

Adam and I put up his Christmas tree last night and let me just say, it almost looks identical to the tree I created for this post and I love it! It coordinates with the room beautifully. I have to get a good picture during the day because the living room is so dark it was hard to get a picture during the day.

Would you ever paint your interior doors a different color?

Monday, November 28, 2011

Getting in the Groove

How was everyone's Thanksgiving? I feel like the past 5 days have been a complete whirlwind of events! Between cooking, shopping, and putting up Christmas decorations, I'm not exactly sure where all the time went! Anyways, as I get back into the groove of things, I have an image to share today as a continuation of the canopy bed post from last week.
via amberinterior

I don't know what it is with this current fascination with canopy beds but I am just drawn to them. I think I love absolutely everything about this bedroom. Since it has a lot of natural light, the black walls are quite the statement but are lightened up with all the dreamy white and cream linens. I also love the layered look of the rugs with the natural weave and the bold stripe. Don't even get me started on that chaise and Hermes blanket! I want to be cuddled up on it right now playing on this:

The Amazon Kindle Fire ladies and gentlemen. My amazing Aunt gave it to me as my Birthday/Graduation gift and let me just tell you, I am obsessed with it. It is essentially the iPad but smaller. I was skeptical about the Kindle's and Nook's at first because I'm kind of a traditionalist and love books, but the convenience of this thing is fabulous! So, if you're thinking about buying one for yourself or someone this Holiday season, I highly recommend it!

On another note, I helped my Mom put up her Christmas tree and decorations this year. Her house is really traditional so this is what we went for:

A tabletop tree to save on space, and really traditional colors. Although I wouldn't want this in my own home, I really love it! Tonight I will be helping Adam put up his tree to look like this which has a completely different look from my Moms tree. I will try and snap some pictures to share!

Did you put up your Holiday decorations yet, or are you still stuffed and exhausted from all the Thanksgiving Day celebrations?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday of the year. I know a lot of people share this sentiment and I think it's because it is one of the last pure holidays we have! There's no gift giving, egg hunts, candle blowing, etc. It is a time where we gather around with people that mean the most to us and eat delicious food! What's not to love? Even if you don't have lots of family and friends to celebrate with, there is still a lot to be thankful for and to me, that's a beautiful thing.

via marthastewart

Since I created this blog to document things that I think about, I am going to share a few things I am grateful for!

  • my families health
  • interior design
  • the opportunity to do what I love
  • being creative!
  • my strong support system
  • the ability to reconnect with old friends
the list literally could go on and on but for now, that's what I feel extremely thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Canopy Beds

As a little girl I was fortunate to have a fairytale-eque canopy bed that made me feel ever so special. My whole room was Minnie mouse themed and my canopy bed was made of out pink polka dot fabric. Needless to say, I loved it and I have fond memories of my childhood room that I think every little girl deserves. I've stumbled upon some images lately that brought back the memories I have of my own room that are a smidge more sophisticated than what I had going on as a kid.

Aren't these rooms stunning? I know they are meant for little girls but I would gladly have any of these rooms for myself as an adult! I don't know what it is about the canopy, maybe the feeling of security or a secret hiding spot, but even grown-ups are getting in on it! Take a look at these images of canopy beds in adult spaces that are absolutely inspiring!

via chiccoles

via saratoga

via athoughtfulplace

via chiccoles

I think most of these looks are custom made solutions but I think it is something that could be easily achieved with some store bought ready made panels and some store bought hardware.

What do you think, would you ever want a canopy bed for yourself? Or is it strictly for a child's room?

Friday, November 18, 2011

Moodboard Friday

Today I am in a bit of rush but I wanted to share a moodboard I created that is completely different from last weeks moodboard. It's nice and light  and as much as I love color and pattern, I think it would be nice to have a completely neutral room to escape to. I know this moodboard has some trendy elements that some people may be sick of but I still love them! Here is what I have to share:

I may be back later to share my sources but for now I've got to run! Hope you enjoy it and have a great weekend!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Power of the Foyer

I one day DREAM of having a proper foyer, preferably one with a grand staircase! I think the impact that a foyer has on guests when they enter your home really sets the tone for what the rest of your home is like. I think some of the best foyers I've seen always have one or more elements that kind of steals the show. I've noticed that I've pinned a lot of entryways/foyers on Pinterest lately and decided that I would share them with you today. Take a look!
via flikbydesign
The orange detail along the baseboards along with the runner are what make the impact here.

via thisisglamorous

Hello leopard runner!

via threeolives

Bold chairs, large scaled mirror, and orange grasscloth ceilings
via dwellerswithoutdecorators

Two-toned chevron floors, amazing!
via milesredd

Very traditional, but fresh with the bold stripes and color combination.
via emilyaclark

High contrast black and white creates a huge impact and is always classic.
via decorpad

Hermes-esque walls trimmed out in black are stunning.
via abodelove

Hello stripes, and burlwood console! Hmmm, that horse lamp looks very familiar! 

via younghouselove

The symmetry, mirror, and console make this space interesting.
via pinkwallpaper

A collection of unique pieces and pattern.
via KatieDid

I just love this vignette in general and think it would be so lovely to see this upon entering your home everyday!

Do you have a foyer you love to walk into everyday? Or maybe you have a special vignette that just makes you smile?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Another Lamp Makeover!

So, I have a minor thing for lamps. I can't seem to pass lamps at a thrift store without wanting to snatch them up even though I have no place for them. It's a problem. Does anyone else seem to have this problem?!

Today I have another lamp makeover that I completed about a year ago. Adam has a really dark living room that only has one large window that doesn't let in a lot of light. So I went thrifting looking for some affordable lamps that I could transform. I found two matching brass lamps that had a good shape and decided they would be mine! Here's one right after I brought them home:

 I bought two of these for $2.99 each. The brass itself isn't bad but it's not the look I was going for. I really wanted something orange to tie into the color scheme with Adams living room. I bought a couple of cans of rust orange Rustoleum spray paint and sprayed the lamps with multiple thin coats after giving the lamp a good cleaning. Here is the result!
I really like the look of high gloss, ceramic lamps that are really popular now so I also bought a can of clear laquer spray paint to give the lamp a shiny appearance after the coats of orange paint dried. Here it is in it's place. As you can see it is really dark in there so it's kind of hard to see but you can get the idea.

I bought the shades at target I think for around $7 so this makeover cost a total of around $28 including the spray paint. Not bad for a two unique lamps and I think they really make the space! I'll share the rest of the room with you soon. Perhaps in the future I will also add some grosgrain ribbon to the shades for some added interest but for now I love the way they look!

Do you have a thing for lamps? Or maybe you have a lamp makeover you'd like to share?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Thanksgiving Tablescape

Ok, so I know I posted last week about Christmas, and now I'm posting about Thanksgiving, that's just how my mind works, it's everywhere! I thought today I would put together some items that would make a nice tablescape for your thanksgiving meal. I think that a special table really sets the tone for what a dinner party is going to be like, so why not make it pretty?!

I would keep things neutral with a ivory tablecloth but make things interesting by having a suzani style table runner made. I'm in love with the bamboo dinnerware because it is classic and will work for any occasion and obviously I have an obsession with gold! I didn't source the candlesticks because you can find them for about a dollar each at any thrift store. They're everywhere! I am also in love with these Marc Blackwell wine glasses but at 85 dollars each they aren't exactly affordable. I think it would be fun to DIY them with some generic wine glasses and some glass specific paint. Altogether, this tablescape could go from Thanksgiving to Christmas with a swap of candles, centerpiece, and runner which I think is great!

On a side note, yesterday during a quick stop at a local thrift store I snagged up this diamond in the rough for $9!

Can't wait to get started on it and share it with you! I think it's going to find a home in my bedroom as my night table.

What do you have planned for your Thanksgiving table? Do you have classic pieces that you use for every occasion?

Painted Ceilings

I’ve been loving the look of painted ceilings lately. I think it adds a really unexpected element to a space. In my opinion, this look is most successful when the rest of the space is very neutral. Stumbling across a couple of really great examples on Pinterest, I thought I would share them with you today:

via Traditional Home

via Little Red Bird Blog

via Stella and Henry
via Little Red Bird Blog
via Spearmint Baby
via Erin Ever After
Notice how the designers of these spaces allowed the ceilings to be the showcase allowing the elements in the room tie back to the color in the ceiling such as pillows, chairs, and bedding. I think this is such a fun look and really want to have a space of my own like this! 

Another take on painted ceilings are stenciled ceilings which is also really fun. I can only imagine the amount of work that goes into doing this yourself. As much as my eyes would love the result, I feel like my neck would be paying the ultimate price!
via Sadie and Stella
Ugh, but it's so worth it, hello lover. This powder room is absolute perfection with it's dark walls and unexpected gold stenciled ceiling! I would never want to come out of there!

via Restless Oasis
Stunning, right?! Tell me you wouldn't want to fall asleep looking at this ceiling! There are many many variations of painted ceilings out there but no matter what color, or pattern I find it so fun and fresh!

Would you paint your ceiling a bold color? Would you ever tackle a time consuming stencil project?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Budget Friendly Mood Board

Yesterday I posted a mood board that was a little different compared to my usual style tastes and the budget was pretty unreasonable, at least for the most of us. So today I thought I would try to create a similar look for much more reasonable price, and here is what I came up with:
Here's the breakdown:

Rug: $499 (Rugs USA)
Pillows: 2 for $58 (Etsy)
Sofa: $599 (Ikea)
Side Tables: $99.92 ea. (CB2)
Lamps: $261.80 ea. (CSN)
Accent Chairs: $299.99 ea. (Target)
Sunburst Mirror: $70.95 (CSN)
Coffee Table: $469.00 (CSN)
Gold Pouf: $119.95 (Nate Berkus for HSN)

TOTAL: $3,139.32

Quite the difference in price, ya know, just about $10,000, but I think the overall look is fairly similar! I think this could be done even cheaper if some items such as the lamps were found at thrift stores and refurbished much like my lamp makeover found here. Gourd lamps like the ones above are found in abundance at thrift stores so I think that would make a big savings of at least $450 since the lamps I choose are pretty expensive!

Have you ever found something similar to an expensive item that you absolutely loved? Let me know!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Mood Board Friday?

So I am thinking about making Friday posts here on The Boston Teacup specifically dedicated to mood boards I've created. I'm not sure about this though, so don't hold me to it! Today I have a mood board I created using both high (very high) and low end products. This particular mood board is something I wouldn't typically think about putting into my own home since I tend to go for more classic looks but it is a look I am very attracted to. Tell me what you think!

I started this board by stumbling across the rug first and decided it would be really fun to design a whole room around it. I think a rug is a great place to start when decorating a space, as strange as that may seem to some of you, it gives you a great foundation to build up your color selections. However, not everything you put in the space has to match the rug perfectly. I choose electric blue side tables because it makes things interesting but it also coordinates with everything else without being 'matchy-matchy'.

Here are the sources for all the items above except for the drapes. Warning: not all the items on this list are budget friendly, I just think it's fun to pretend sometimes! However, I do think I could create a very similar look in a more budget friendly manner.

Rug: $1,059 (current 50% off promotion Rugs USA)
Pillow 1: $50 (Furbish)
Pillow 2: $72 (Furbish)
Sofa: $599 (Ikea)
Side Tables: 2@ $99.92 (CB2)
Butterfly Chairs: 2@ $399.00 (CB2)
Sunburst Mirror: $3,100 (1stDibs)
Table Lamps: $3,250 (1stDibs)
Coffee Table: $4,200 (1stDibs)
Gold Pouf: $119.95 (Nate Burkus for HSN)

TOTAL: $13,447.79

Woo! So, like I said, this is definitely not budget friendly but I think it's pretty to look at! I may be back later with a more budget friendly version of this, so stay tuned!

Would you ever put something like this in your own home? If not, what style do you tend to stick to?