Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Holiday Cards & The Alphabet

With the holiday's approaching, I figured I would share with you today something I stumbled across in a caption in the December issue of Architectural Digest, showcasing a set of unique holiday cards that I absolutely love. They are a breathe of fresh air from the typical holiday cards and are especially thoughtful for that special someone you know who has a thing for architecture and artwork in general. The artists work is available here. Take a look at the holiday cards that are fairly affordable at $3.50 a card:

 Aren't they awesome?! Anyways, while I was looking around the website, there was another series of cards that I found particularly charming and that was the Architectural Alphabet set. One thing that I've seen done before and love for children's room is a large display of letters. Some fun examples of this:

via decor8
via the hand made home

 I think that this look could be achieved very easily with the Architectural Alphabet, if not better! Here are some of my favorite letters from the set:

Beautiful, right?! The level or detail and charm that they have make them irresistible. Never mind children's rooms, I want these framed and placed in a space of my own! Each one of these letters are available as a card for $3.50 each or you can get the entire set of 26 for $91.00. I think something like this would be a nice investment because they are classic and will never go out of style. You could chose to pin them on wire like the above inspiration photos, or frame them inexpensively for a larger impact.

Would you ever frame an alphabet set in your own home, or do you think it's strictly for children? Tell me what you think!

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