Monday, November 7, 2011

Mini Bathroom Makeover

Today I am sharing with you a mini bathroom makeover that I recently completed in my parents bathroom. The home they live in was built in the 80s and was ENTIRELY brown when they bought it. I'm talking brown rugs, walls, sinks, counter tops, EVERYTHING. They've really done a great job at updating their home slowly but surely, however, the one thing that remains despite all the renovation is the shiny, wood trim around the windows. So one day, thinking that the bathroom was looking very brown, I decided it needed a mini makeover and the way I was going to accomplish that was with a new window treatment, shower curtain, and to paint the window frame. I failed to take a very good picture before I started the process because I didn't have a blog at the time but here is the best one I have:
As you can see, the walls, window frame, and even the shower curtain were brown. Also, you can't see it but the ceramic floors are a brown color as well. To create some contrast in the space, I decided I was going to first paint the trim around the window, which I had already started doing in the picture above. The way I went about this was to lightly sand the trim, wipe it clean, and begin painting with a high quality 2" angled brush. Again, the key to a smooth, even looking finish it to apply multiple thin coats. Here is the window after a few coats:

At this point I decided that I would use painters tape to avoid painting the walls, making my life a little easier and yes that is a Febreeze bottle holding the window open. I don't have a picture of the frame painted without tape but I do have these 'after' pictures to share:
 You can see how the white trim now adds some much needed contrast between the window and the wall color.

I really like the way the white trim and the new cream shower curtain bought on sale here seem to really brighten up the space. The other project I tackled was the roman shade shown in the pictures above. I don't have step by step instructions or photos but the tutorial I used is by Maria over at Johns Journal. And lastly, to tie in the yellow color in the new roman shade, a new bath mat and yellow hand towel were purchased. Overall, this was a budget conscience makeover kept under $100. Here is the breakdown:

Quart of Behr semi-gloss paint-$16.96
Brush- Already owned
Painters tape- already owned
Bamboo roman shade (Home Depot): around $30.00
Spray Adhesive: Already owned
1.5 yard of fabric (JoAnn Fabrics): $15.00 on Sale
Quilt Binding: $6.00 for 2 packs
Bath Mat: $25.00
Hand towel: $6.00

TOTAL: $98.96

This goes to show that you don't have to put a whole lot of money into a space to give it a whole new look! Have you recently done a mini makeover of your own, or tackled a DIY project? Feel free to share it!

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