Thursday, November 10, 2011

Christmas on the Brain!

With Thanksgiving fast approacing, I definitely have Christmas on the brain, more specifically Christmas trees! I realize that this post may not apply to everyone since not everyone celebrates Christmas but I wanted to share my most recent thoughts. I usually decorate two Chrismtas trees every year, one at my parents house and one at my boyfriend Adam's house. A couple years ago my boyfriend and I went out to Target and bought an artificial Christmas tree and a bunch of cheap, but nice ornaments in traditional Chrismtas colors of red and green. Anyways, this was while he was living in an apartment with no color scheme! Now that he has a house of his own, I have a new scheme for the tree in mind this year to better match the living room. I photoshopped a little rendition of what I have in mind:

Adam's living room is far from being 'complete', maybe I'll share some pictures soon but the colors going on are brown, orange, blue, neutrals, and touches of gold, like this:
I love the look of tall and slender Christmas Trees, especially since we are tight for space in his 889 sf condo! I also love Christmas trees that aren't the traditional Christmas colors of red and green. If we actually go through with this plan this year I want to make the tree skirt above using our existing tree skirt by using this tutorial. I will probably also make a bow tree topper out of some cream colored ribbon, but we'll see! Maybe I'll post a tutorial on how to make one, what do you think?

How do you feel about non-traditional Christmas trees? Would you put one in your home, or do you stick to tradition?

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