Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Another Lamp Makeover!

So, I have a minor thing for lamps. I can't seem to pass lamps at a thrift store without wanting to snatch them up even though I have no place for them. It's a problem. Does anyone else seem to have this problem?!

Today I have another lamp makeover that I completed about a year ago. Adam has a really dark living room that only has one large window that doesn't let in a lot of light. So I went thrifting looking for some affordable lamps that I could transform. I found two matching brass lamps that had a good shape and decided they would be mine! Here's one right after I brought them home:

 I bought two of these for $2.99 each. The brass itself isn't bad but it's not the look I was going for. I really wanted something orange to tie into the color scheme with Adams living room. I bought a couple of cans of rust orange Rustoleum spray paint and sprayed the lamps with multiple thin coats after giving the lamp a good cleaning. Here is the result!
I really like the look of high gloss, ceramic lamps that are really popular now so I also bought a can of clear laquer spray paint to give the lamp a shiny appearance after the coats of orange paint dried. Here it is in it's place. As you can see it is really dark in there so it's kind of hard to see but you can get the idea.

I bought the shades at target I think for around $7 so this makeover cost a total of around $28 including the spray paint. Not bad for a two unique lamps and I think they really make the space! I'll share the rest of the room with you soon. Perhaps in the future I will also add some grosgrain ribbon to the shades for some added interest but for now I love the way they look!

Do you have a thing for lamps? Or maybe you have a lamp makeover you'd like to share?

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