Thursday, December 29, 2011

Versatile Pieces

This morning I was scrolling through my local Craigslist looking for a buffet for Adam's dining room that I could make over. I didn't stumble upon anything I loved but I did find this piece:

I know it doesn't look like much now, but I think with a little bit of lovin' it could be a great piece for a great price of $40! The lines and shape of this table are so sweet and it instantly made me think of a series of posts done over at Good Bones Great Pieces.

I would use it as a vanity table in a bedroom or bathroom but Lauren from GBGP has a great spindle table similar to my Craigslist find in which she demonstrates just how versatile a piece like this can be.


Here it is used as a night table and vanity/dressing area paired with a fabulous Venetian mirror and lucite bench.


Here is it being used as a desk area, paired with a simple chair and statement lamp!


Lastly, here it is again being used as a vanity!

In addition to a vanity or desk, this table could be used as a side table, console, or nightstand! Thinking about how versatile a piece of furniture can be before buying it is a great tactic to have, especially when furnishing for a not to permanent residence.

Have you purchased any versatile pieces lately? Scored any great finds on Craigslist?

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