Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Black Interior Doors

I know this is a topic that had been blogged about a lot recently but I wanted to share some images I've found that have inspired me to perhaps make the leap! At Adam's house, we really really need to paint the interior doors. They are white, but dingy from the previous owners. At first I was thinking about just painting them white again until Adam made a suggestion that we paint them something else! I thought it was a great idea and immediate thought black. It's just so classic:

via mfamb
via lavenderandlilies

via decorpad

via swooninteriors

Black will go great in his place but then I thought, it doesn't have to be black either. Take a look at these colorful interior doors:

via shelterpop

via inyourbackpocket

via inyourbackpocket

via realsimple

via paringdown
via inyourbackpocket

So, although I'm not about to go neon, I'm thinking it's a race between a glossy black and maybe a light gray or smokey gray. Maybe I could even go navy blue? I don't know, I think I have some thinking to do!

Adam and I put up his Christmas tree last night and let me just say, it almost looks identical to the tree I created for this post and I love it! It coordinates with the room beautifully. I have to get a good picture during the day because the living room is so dark it was hard to get a picture during the day.

Would you ever paint your interior doors a different color?

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